North Downwind Sails
V-Series Asymmetric Spinnakers Superior performance and versatility for racing boats

V-Series Symmetric Spinnakers Superior reaching/running performance for boats with spinnaker poles

C-Series Gennakers
Roller furling* Gennakers for racing and cruising boats
G-Series Gennakers
Easy-handling Gennakers for cruising boats
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* A variety of Roller-furling systems are available for V-Series Asymmetrics, G-Series and C-Series. Gennaker designs can be flown without roller furling. NOTE: C-Series Gennakers are not legal under many handicap rules.

Most V-Series styles are available in woven Nylon or Polyester fabrics. Specialized reaching sails are available in Cuben Fiber or 3D thermo-molded styles.
All North spinnakers have been developed using Virtual Wind Tunnel flow simulation software